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Book: Legacy of Ashes - Tim Weiner

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Book: Legacy of Ashes - Tim Weiner


Book: Legacy of Ashes - Tim Weiner

The book "Legacy of Ashes" by journalist Tim Weiner, a New York Times for intelligence for twenty years, a record for the first sixty years of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency "CIA". Where they are talking in this book how the most powerful country in the history of Western civilization has failed to create a first-class spy.

- Book: A Legacy from the ashes .. History of the CIA

- Author: Tim Weiner

- Translated by: Antoine Bassil

- Number of pages: 836

- Publisher: Publications Distribution and Publishing, Beirut, Lebanon

Edition: First / 2010

Chronicles of the Central Intelligence Agency was surprised by the facts is reversible, confirming in our minds and look forward to a huge number of serious incidents and failures of long-term effects on the external level, which took place in Russia, Cuba and Iraq because of the breach of the spies of the organization. And how the United States lacks the intelligence you need for years to come.

Based on Weiner's conclusions that more than fifty thousand ********s, are primarily from the archives of the CIA and the White House, State Department and interviews with officials at the agency since 1987.

The book is the first history of "CIA" translates in our own Arab after the Book of Bob Woodward and which was entitled the "veil" which dealt with the period between 1981-1987, and its importance lies in our view, that tells us the worlds internal conflicts between institutions within the corridors of power in America on IAEA's role and the pressures on them by the Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, and often we know little about these events, especially since, in our libraries Arab rarely find a study on the institution of governance institutions in the United States.

At the outset we did not know anything

Author speaks in this chapter for the first roots of the emergence and the CIA. In the midst of the Second World War were not the United States has intelligence in the true sense, and only is the collection of external information on the Office of Strategic Services, founded in time of war, where it was possible to find information on U.S. intelligence, which covers large stains of the world in a few filing cabinets wood in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sole source of information is the number of ambassadors and military attaches.

But with the collapse of the British Empire, the United States remains as the only force capable of coping with Soviet communism, and America desperately needed to know these enemies and to provide insight to the heads, and to fight fire with fire when called upon to ignite the fuse.

She spent the task of the CIA - which was founded formally on June 27, 1947 - to give the president advance warning of a surprise from "Pearl Harbor" again.

After talking about the beginnings and causes of evolution, Istahbna writer in a long journey to get to know the failures and wrong decisions taken by the organization in many countries, such as: the Soviet Union, Guatemala, Cuba, Vietnam, Iran, and Afghanistan.

But the most important thing is that it draws attention to the methods used by the agency in what was known as the "cold war culture" after the silent roar of guns and Azur aircraft, using the arsenal of cultural newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts, conferences and more - just like what is happening now in the region - where formed a tight network of people from leftist intellectuals who have broken faith with Marxism or the return of fascism, and to become a "flute", which the Agency has paid a price for what is demanding of him from the melodies.

But with the end of 1952 It was there happened to this writer's opinion led to a coup and change the structural and doctrinal in the life of the CIA, and represent the event the political crisis that had occurred in Iran between the Shah and the then Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh nationalized the British company of Iran's oil.

Tells Weiner, the precise details and gives us the events of the play, which was planning a Briton and financial support to U.S. by Colonel U.S. Kim Roosevelt, who plans and hired gangs from the streets to disperse gatherings Tudeh Communist Party, as well as by tricking U.S. President Truman's claim that the Soviet Union stands on the outskirts of Tehran to the invasion, It was the outcome of this incident would have had negative results contrary to the illusion created by the Agency and win real time, as this led intervention to the birth of new principles of work within the agency and the basis of the feeling that the Agency could the heart of any nation summarily seized and set who want it, which has had the results of both inside Iran who grew up a generation of Iranians, aware that the agency had installed the Shah, in addition to displacement and the dismantling of all nationalist forces and communist anti-Shah, which cleared the area after years due to miscalculation of forces only stayed in the arena of Iran to lead the masses for the overthrow of the Vice Emperor American in Tehran .

The second negative point was that this was an illusion to pay the agency to battle in Central America will continue for the next forty years the basis of support for military coups in the countries of the region and the stage of dictatorship and military rule, with the support and U.S. funding.

Agency and the Middle East

The author finds in this chapter that the Agency's relationship with the Middle East and especially the Arab world passed a critical juncture was the incident took place in April, in April 1956, At that time peace Israeli spies information from the Soviet Union to James Angletoa who became the liaison man between the Agency and the Israeli state, This has led it to produce this channel most of the intelligence agency about the Arab world and to adopt the U.S. increasingly on Israel to explain the events in the Middle East over the coming decades.

Then deals with the Inner details of three significant incidents in the region, the first related to the Syrian regime in 1957, explains the ******** disclosed in 2003 between the private papers of the Agency which stated that the CIA and British intelligence to create plots and different activities in Iraq, Lebanon Jordan and put the blame on Syria, where, and will be used border clashes assumes U.S. intelligence as a pre**** for the army, Iraq, Jordan, Operations invasion.

I imagined the Agency, it is likely any new system Sinbbanh that depend primarily on repressive measures and arbitrary exercise of power, unlike the situation that was passing through the country, known as an active parliamentarian and politician, was considered the most democratic in the region in that period, in the words of British journalist Patrick Seale, in his book "The struggle against Syria."

Has identified planned Syrian intelligence chief Abdul Hamid Al-Sarraj as the most powerful man in Damascus, and decided that it should be killed along with Chief of General Staff and head of the Communist Party but the attempt failed.

In the second incident, which has attracted our attention is to talk about the agency's position from the events of Iran in 1979, there are still many studies insisted during its consideration of the history of Iran at this stage that the central agency was aware of what is happening in Iran and that the coup led by Khomeini's going to happen in Iran, while author finds the opposite based on American intelligence reports.

In August 1978, the Agency informed the White House that Iran is not at all in the process of revolution, and got a few weeks later rioting in the streets and started to spread throughout the country, which sent a senior analyst "CIA", a draft of the assessment of intelligence which said that the Shah might be able to stay for another ten years and when the revolution took place - and this is what is mentioned as well as the Egyptian journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, in his book "Guns of the Ayatollah" during the conduct of a moribund dialogue lasted for four hours with the students who stormed the U.S. Embassy in Tehran - I think the Iranians from all walks of life, including the intellectual elite that the Agency Force School of capacity have enormous power over their lives and were not to be able to believe the truth is that, in the summer of 1979, the station agency in Tehran, a ****phor for the process consisting of four men only, all of whom are newly arrived to Iran and they were full of their contacts with Iran except for the evening news TV is the study carried out in three weeks in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which surprised the Iranians who did not believe that the Agency is to send such a dangerous place people on this level of ignorance of local culture and language.

And we find with regard to the second Gulf war, contrary to many stories and testimonies spoke about the American flag prior intentions of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Reveal where the book on the reports sent by the Agency to the White House, stating that the Iraqi forces, exhausted, and they take years to recover from the war with Iran, it is unlikely that Saddam install any military adventures in the near future.

On July 31, 1990 considered the CIA that the invasion is highly unlikely that Saddam might take by force some oil wells or a handful of islands no more.


The author finds in this chapter based on a classified study prepared by the Deputy Central Intelligence in July 2004 that the CIA was almost absent from the presence at the end of the Cold War, it was the impact of the fall of the Soviet Union, the Agency has the most impact of the meteor strikes the dinosaurs.

He explains that since the collapse of the Berlin Wall to the end of 2007 how the CIA entered a dark tunnel of the problems and mistakes, which are affecting its future and its place in American presidents who are no longer bothered much to what the intelligence agency, or through reduced role-taking institutions, other U.S. role - as happened a few years ago with the arrival of Gen. David Petraeus and his leadership of the U.S. Army in Iraq and developed by new tools to deal with Iraq badge by hundreds of young specialists in history and anthropology, who carried on the shoulders of U.S. troops in order to provide advice to leaders and soldiers, and to submit the study for the development the Iraqi people - while the remaining intelligence agents for the most part do not master the languages and cultures in Iraq and Afghanistan, and continued to report, mostly derived from the clients and the intelligence services in other, depending on customer class tenth, as demonstrated by the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, which became the agency held hostage to the lies of brokers and warlords .

The companies were cloned from the IAEA spawn all over the suburbs of Washington, and by the year 2006, as many as half of the officers Baghdad Station, National Center for combating terrorism, were retired staff, which has become possible to make the fortunes of industry intelligence and emptied the agency of the finest expertise and technical distinguished , while the IAEA has been filled with boys is in intelligence do not have experience in gathering information for more than five years.

At the end of the book The author finds that the CIA is not as live in the movies and novels, are able to do everything, run the world buttons from Washington, Vostorp the golden age of innovation is the CIA in particular that the victors always write the history.

Author: Tim Weiner



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