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Training philosophy

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Training philosophy


Training philosophy

By: Staff Major General / Naji Al Jassem
One aspect is the training of military and related training for each of us in one way or another, but only a few who tried to analyze it.
The weapons and modern equipment in the present need to experience better men and better-educated so that they can operate and sustain it, and the implementation of the crowd quickly because they are able to understand things better, and for this we find that the high level of education helps to improve the physical factors and the other non-physical
The armed forces is one of the sectors of society of a special nature which are subject in their training and develop its capabilities to a specific philosophy, is the preparation of plans carefully calculated and detailed so as to achieve the best combat capability in phases drawn grace and mastery, and training problem is not serious as they seem, but it is a problem bewildering variety of non-training.
The development of the philosophy of training is relatively easy, but the main problem lies in developing a coherent philosophy of training is able to provide us with a clear doctrine, training based on the philosophy of war and for the time being, and the future.
What is the philosophy of training ... ?
,,, Remains well-trained formations that need to be training for upgrading them to the highest level, which should be of the utmost importance and objectives should be realistic based training and face the realities and consistent with our own operational, can be identified training philosophy as those principles that control the actions contained in the training process and the reactions of those acts. On this basis, can be defined as (activity falls within a given con**** to achieve the required levels within a specified time) It is clear from this definition that the nature of the training activity depends on three elements of first lines of the framework, which provides guidance and standards to be achieved, and here we find that such a framework is a philosophy war or the nature of the conflict in the vicinity of a given combat, and on that One can Be inferred and is convinced that:
- Training is characterized by the nature of the kinetic (dynamic) "
- The philosophy of training is directly proportional with the philosophy of war (or the outcome of the philosophy of war).
They are dynamic in nature because the philosophy of war is constantly changing and this change requires a change in the philosophy of training, and adopt the philosophy of war itself on the technology (technology).
For the second element is the level to be achieved as stated in the **** of the definition of the philosophy of training, and it must be clear that the levels required for any weapon system or doctrine of tactical (theater) for different armies always These levels various aspects including the shape of the philosophy of war, any army that wants to embrace it, as well as technical level and general cultural level, the state of morale and training doctrine. All of these things are reflected on the situation of training.
Have proved from the experiences of many countries in the world that it is not difficult to achieve a high level of training if they were to follow the doctrine of strict training, and the best example of this is what happened during the Ramadan War 73 Q. Where the Zionist entity follow it proved the doctrine of clear and flexible enough to accommodate any improvement in the early stages of fighting Zionist forces suffered heavy losses owing to the methods of Egyptian tanks in fighting but in the final stages Tjehvl technology changed, captain and have to resist the anti-Egyptian forces by the successful and to be associated with reaching level assessment of the training doctrine in the light of the philosophy of war. The distinctive feature of the required levels of feedback is very active with a view to adapt one to do the job (and we mean Baltguidp feedback sensor whether the response is true or false).
The third element of the philosophy of training is the time frame, and this crucial stage in the emergence of the philosophy of training may ask here what is the time frame in light of the ocean? .
The answer is that time has been determined by the philosophy of training where they are to achieve the required levels. It varies according to the needs of the philosophy of the war, but every army has set aside time to develop a different creed training / tactics to achieve the required levels and if necessary the creation of a new fully weaponized during the battle, the operational strategy should be imposed and used in the shortest time possible, therefore, the level in such This situation would differ from the form of training is happening at the time, Thus we can say that:
- Time frame depends on the levels to be achieved.
- The time frame is the result of the philosophy of war (or the nature of the conflict)
- The time frame depends on the technical platform for the army.
It was a technique is the main factor in the development of philosophies of war is always, as well as the development of other matters related to training.
The technology and philosophy complement each other, and for this reason, it is very important to give high priority to building a strong technical base, and will result in capacity is also having a strong military, and create a system dominated by social welfare.
In light of this debate can be argued that the philosophy of training is not a sudden emergency order comes suddenly and sporadically, but applies to the extent a long time. It can be established at the outset through the work schedule, but later became purely academic exercise, but to make them meet the operational requirements should be nurtured in a retrieval, and through a process of trial and error will form a firm and sober is essentially a tendency to grow and evolve, even in the most armies progress, it continues to grow and change to suit the operational demands, and weapons systems should be placed in the tyro to be the lowest level allowed by the trainee to acquire the necessary confidence in the subject of the training get it.
It is right to mention here that the individual if he knows that he will be trained on a particular piece of weapon or a device with a view to the performance of specific duty, the significant point of view will vary for the last task of carrying the idea of duty to be played.
Doctrine and training its arguments.
Produce training doctrine about the philosophy of training, which had media training and the media generated manner and form of training and will be explained and media training doctrine in the following paragraphs:
Beliefs tactical / technical: These results are secondary to the philosophy of war. It should be clear at this stage the nature of the conflict, whether this conflict, conventional or nuclear or limited .. Etc. .. After analyzing the light of the weapons systems available, and the shape of the threat perception, the levels of training (tactical / technical) can be placed, and the levels are assumed to be accurate and clear, without ambiguity or confusion.
The amount of knowledge: In order to give adequate training arm of any system or any branch of knowledge should be clear by the environment and the knowledge to be taught to an individual who is trained, and that the duty is difficult and that there is no end to know which belong to any of these sections, and therefore it becomes is very important to set limits within the scope can be accessed to achieve levels set.
Time available for training: ,,, Should be taken into account that our faith be simple and modest training within the limits of available resources, is the total time available for training individuals to be instrumental in achieving the required levels may result from this are complex because the overall time available is all that is accessible from the time the person to be training to accommodate the topic and should be interested in this aspect of the minimum time in which to achieve the levels required to create or absorb the weapon system or a new tactical doctrine may take about five to six years, so it means that everyone, at all levels have learned all the estimated Accordingly, it has acquired the educational level required, and this should be calculated independently of the time available, taking into account the issue of training, for example, we find that this person can master the training to learn the branch of military history, or computer science.
Level of education of person to be trained: One of the greatest factors that stand in the way of tactical doctrine are the resources available is that of human resources, material resources, time, and these things are very important for the armies, One can think of using simulation methods and computer equipment as a means of training assistance, which no doubt means a great effect, but can we ensure this?
From here should be taken into account that our faith is simple and modest training within the limits of available resources.
Technology: can not of any faith training to be realistic, practical and coherent unless it is based on a technical base, and should make every effort to create appropriate technical, and here show the toll of fullness faiths technical / tactical, and cultural level, and available resources.
It is the stage that the army could then be approved by a technical to be adopted, in the limits of available resources we have stated that training should be simple and modest, however, some techniques have proved to have an impact on the long-term cost, for example, we find that the value of one device is a tradition and simulation anti-tank projectile of the type *****alent to the value-oriented real projectile 25 against tanks.
Goals: The final step in the evaluation of nodal training objectives is to install and this is the outcome of other resources Targets should be realistic based on the face of the facts and in line with the operational needs of the military division and used in the plains or the desert can not take advantage of their training only gossip if used in the wars in mountainous areas and vice versa versa. Should be conducting training to meet what we need and not more than that.
How to improve combat capability.
,,, Armies to raise the general cultural level of the personnel and officers in order to be clever in wide-ranging technical skills embodied in modern weapons systems, we must define the nature of the potential conflict Khodah with a clear understanding of the form of threats that do not conduct original research in military science and his art, they are trying to apply the doctrine and philosophy of armies advanced without an assessment of their own requirements to meet the operational requirements reflected image of that crazy about rushing to buy all appreciate it.
It requires us to diagnose our problem and we need the scope of weapons systems, and try to make these systems match the size of our problems and our ability to absorb, there is at present the types of weapons and equipment with high technical advances that have caused problems for some armies that are being trained to inability to absorb or understand .
Level plays a vital role to be attained in training and should not be different levels of one party to another and from one individual to another great small, but must be the rule with the level of training that were not a close one level.
Training needs should be analyzed in all educational institutions should be according to the latest study as possible to meet the requirements of better use of the doctrine, and the technical side of the weapons and equipment and in the light of future needs.
And armies, to raise the general cultural level of the personnel and officers in order to be clever in wide-ranging technical skills embodied in modern weapons systems, and we must not forget that securing a permanent base for the repair of equipment make up an important part of training and can be sustained by one if it became available trade secrets and technical process .
Nowadays most of the military equipment based on the basis of technological development automation, and all who have an interest to understand and accommodate this equipment to exercise in the scientific field is required.
It must be built on the basis of our faith, training to benefit from the most modern means of training assistance and should benefit from Almcbhatt (films and electronic and computer ... etc.)
It should also be our training and realistic .. If required the desert war should familiarize themselves with each individual to topography, so that the skilled should attain this level as well as the war in the need to use electronic warfare (disturbances) should be on the air defense personnel to be skilled in how to work under these conditions and the use of ways to address them, there is no alternative .
One aspect is the training of military and related training for each of us in one way or another, but only a few who tried to analyze it.
The weapons and modern equipment in the present need to experience better men and better-educated so that they can operate and sustain it, and also the mobilization of these men with good culture quickly because they are able to understand things better and this we find that the high level of education helps to improve the physical factors and the other non-physical.
The weapons and modern equipment in need of modern training methods, we find, for example, missiles, d / air anti-aircraft do not need to just by the crews who want to train them to make it a real veteran when he can instead of conducting such training by well Asamlitr (weed ).
The use of modern training does not improve the efficiency of training, but the addition by reducing the cost.
We must guide our philosophy of training in line with the operational philosophy and we have accordingly to create weapons systems and equipment and then the development of philosophy / creed training for the purpose of achieving our goals.
The hovering around the subject without the Jordan Valley will not benefit us in the field of battle of the future if we should have a clear vision of minutes.




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