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West point

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West point


About The Academy

Renowned as the worlds premier leader development institution, West Point accomplishes its mission by developing cadets intellectually, physically, militarily, ethically, spiritually, and socially. The student body, or Corps of Cadets, numbers 4,400 and each year approximately 1000 cadets join the Long Gray Line as they graduate and are commissioned as a 2nd Lt in the U.S. Army.

     Recent acknowledgments of our success include Forbes.com pronouncing West Point as the Best Public College or University in America for undergraduate education, U.S. News and World Report calling us the Best Public Liberal Arts College in the country, and the Princeton Review designating the Academy as one of the 100 Best Value Colleges for 2009.

     The Academic Program consists of 31 core courses which establishes the foundation for elective courses that permit cadets to explore in greater depth a field of study or an optional major. All cadets receive a Bachelor of Science degree, and are fully prepared meet the intellectual requirements of a leader in today's Army.

The Physical Program at West Point
includes both physical education classes and competitive athletics. Every cadet participates in an intercollegiate, club or intramural level sport each semester. This rigorous physical program contributes to mental and physical fitness.
The Military Program begins on your
first day at West Point. Most military training takes place during the summer, with new cadets undergoing Cadet Basic Training - or Beast Barracks - the first year, followed by Cadet Field Training at nearby Camp Buckner the second year. Cadets spend their third and fourth summers serving in active Army units around the world; attending advanced training courses such as airborne, air assault or northern warfare; or training the first and second year cadets as members of the leadership cadre.

Ethical, Spiritual, and Social development occurs formally and informally throughout your 47 months as a cadet. These include formal instruction in the important values of the military profession, voluntary religious programs, interaction with staff and faculty role models, and a vigorous guest speaker program. Cadets also develop ethically by adhering to the Cadet Honor Code, which states "A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do."

Admission is open to all young men and women, and is extremely competitive. You will be evaluated on your academic, physical and leadership potential. Those candidates who are fully qualified receive appointments to the Academy.

     The life of a cadet is demanding, but West Point has the most robust extracurricular activity program in the nation. In fact, the Princeton Review ranked West Point #3 in the nation in the category More to Do on Campus. On-campus facilities include a ski slope, skating rink, and golf course. Clubs include DJ club, orienteering, rock climbing, and Big Brother-Big Sister. Cadets also get opportunities such as singing backup for Billy Joel as 12 cadets did at his last concerts at Shea Stadium, and holding the American flag and staying for the game as 75 cadets did at the final Major League Baseball All-Star game at Yankee Stadium.

     The History of West Point is integral to the history of the United States of America. From the day of its founding on March 16, 1802, A favorite expression at West Point is that "much of the history we teach was made by people we taught." Great leaders such as Grant and Lee, Pershing and MacArthur, Eisenhower and Patton, Schwarzkopf and Petraeus are among the more than 50,000 graduates. Countless others, following military service, have had distinguished careers in business, medicine, law, sports, politics, and science.
Four current graduates and two former faculty members of the United States Military Academy are members of the 111th Congress:

U.S. Military Academy Mission

"To educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United States Army."

USMA Orienteering Maintains Winning Tradition

The USMA Orienteering Team won the 2009 US Intercollegiate Orienteering Championships for the seventh straight year during competition in Patapsco State Park west of Baltimore, MD during the last weekend in March...

The Undergraduate Journal of Social Sciences

In the world of academia, the pen can hold a power like the sword. Like the flash of a swinging blade, the credit of a published thesis or article can bring career advancement to accomplished undergraduate and graduate students.

A dedicated team of cadets at the U.S. Military Academy are giving those students a fighting chance by producing the

The UJSS is a peer-reviewed, ***-based publication that posts written work by cadets, college students and prominent personalities.

Harvard Model United Nations Conference 2009

On 24 January, 1776, Chief of Artillery for the Continental Army, COL Henry Knox, completed the arduous journey from upstate New York to Boston with 60 tons of captured field artillery leading to the decisive American victory in the Siege of Boston over British forces.

The waning winter months of 2009 saw another American field artillery officer, MAJ Troy Schnack OIC of the West Point Model United Nations Team, lead a group of determined American soldiers from upstate New York to Boston resulting in another resounding victory for American forces...

Take Another Look: Civil Engineering Courses at USMA

Most people might find courses in Civil or Mechanical Engineering to be rather dry... nothing but high-level math, physics, and formulas to determine how to build things.

USMA Gates Scholars

USMA now has two new Gates Scholars - Cadet Jon Chachula '09 and 2LT Zach Watson '08.
Their achievement is shared by a total of 12 Gates Scholars since the program's inception in 2001. The Naval and Air Force Academies also had one recipient each this year as well.

NMAA Celebrates its first Graduating Class!

Congratulations to the historic graduation of the first class of the National Military Academy of Afghanistan!

Nucelar Engineers' Trip Section to the United Nations

NE456, Nuclear Weapons & Weapons Effects, conducted a trip section to the United Nations (UN) in New York City on 04 DEC 08. Cadets and faculty toured the UN Headquarters, briefly sat in on a UN General Assembly meeting, and received a mission briefing from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the morning. In the afternoon, the group visited the US mission to the UN and received a mission briefing. The trip section supports the counterproliferation and combating weapons of mass destruction aspects of the course.

McGill Model United Nations Conference (McMUN) 2009

In October 1813, American forces attempted to take Montreal in order to cut supplies lines to enemy forces in Upper Canada.
United States after suffering a bitter defeat in the Saint Lawrence valley.
On 1 February 2009, American forces returned in victory... The West Point Model UN team has extended its winning streak to four conferences in a row, a feat that has not occurred since AY06!

Army Chess Team Defeats Air Force and Navy to Claim a 5th Consecutive CIC Crown





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