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Between preventive action and offensive action of the security companies


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Between preventive action and offensive action of the security companies


Between preventive action and offensive action of the security companies

Result of the policy exclusion of Baath and dissolving the army and security institutions and to bring their members to retire and rejected some of the members of such forces with the invading forces, Kirk found its goal of Iraqi youth among the unemployed, to introduce them to accept the volunteer forces in the new Iraqi police, have not been checking past of these, and thus while others joined a lot of criminals, and returned to service many of the elements previously evicted because of its corruption and condemnation of crimes of bribery, it is noted in contrast, the removal of many of the elements of good and experienced because of their side (the old regime), or the Baathists, this experiment resulted in the recruitment of more 150 thousand police officers in a few months, but after the experiment has proved them unable to cope, or to limit acts of resistance that escalated hostilities and Tairha against the forces of occupation, return, despite the fact that this number exceeds the number of members of these formations Saddam's regime, has shown the formation new it is no less ill than it was in the past, for example, corruption is rampant today, including a substantial and more than imagined by the mind. If these forces have been formed for special purposes, necessitated the formulation of laws and its own legislation, but its members or affiliates were Iraqis exclusively Unlike other forces took authority to take shape after the collapse of the Iraqi state and its occupation of a private security companies, estimated the number of members between 30 to 50 A (1 ) people working in 130 companies of security, they are a mixture of various foreign nationalities in addition to the Iraqis, in addition to that, the size of its work in Iraq to nearly $ 100 billion. These private security forces in the second highest number of members after the soldiers of the United States which estimated the number of members to 130 thousand soldiers, while the range of foreign military presence in Iraq less than the population of these forces, Britain 9 We have thousands of troops from nationality (2), Australia 900 troops, South Korea, 3,200 troops (see chart No. 1 where he shows the population of foreign forces in Iraq). This study attempts to focus on the activity of those companies operating in Iraq, and the extent of its successes or failures at the level of targets set to them, and developments in functions, highlighting the legal basis and legal cover which they operate. The study's hypothesis is that the American administration represented by the Ministry of Defense is seeking to exploit the activity of private security companies for the purposes of a strictly military functions were within the regular soldier exclusively, in order to alleviate the burden faced by the army the U.S. both in Iraq at the security level or at the level of American public opinion calling for the scheduled withdrawal of American forces. One of the serious repercussions of this study, which seeks to highlight was the involvement of some States in the war in no small affiliation of its citizens in the activity of these companies or at least the target image or reputation in the world that are trying to build a state that rejects aggression and war to resolve international disputes an image which has sought to the Republic of South Africa for the plot in its foreign policy, for example. and we will try to prove that the cause of the chaos that Iraq is experiencing and the continuing conflict and the suffering of the Iraqi people because the bulk of it to the policy of privatization of military action, which exposes the sovereignty of Iraq for the foreseeable risk which will emerge on the surface soon when there were conflicting economic and political goals of America (economic investment for reconstruction, for corporate profits, economic interests, prospective) with the political reality of Iraq and domestic should be noted that there are three categories of the military companies operating in Iraq, the companies that provide support services logistical support, and reconstruction companies, and private security companies. We will focus our conversation in this study the third category, although we will look to the other three classifications, since most of the companies that provide protection and security are also working to provide logistical support and reconstruction, and most of these companies, Bechtel and Halpetron and the various branches.

The use of veterans with high efficiency in hostilities material for a fee without being linked to the nationality of the party that you are using, is experienced in human history over the past centuries. Varoman For example, do not Alhsrmen early colonial empires that exploited the barbarians example Teutons and the Slavs and the Huns in the wars. These services have grown during the Middle Ages, especially during the Hundred Years War led by the private companies; where is the most intense fighting in this war are those that led these companies, even when they thought the king of France, "Jean II le Bon" crush these companies to their growing role and power of this united companies with each other to crush the forces in a battle royal with Rene in 1362. The loyalty of these companies had the money and the person who pays more than what is paid to the involvement of a kidnapping in order to obtain money from ransom. In spite of the decreasing role of the warrior class at the present time because of the rising role of the nation-state and the growing national sentiment that linked the extent of being a member of citizenship or soldier through its country enlist as an expression of belonging and commitment to issues of his own. But taking this role is growing again in the era of globalization with the decline of national legislation attending to the individual citizen or adhere to their institutions or companies offense to military action for the purposes of profit, but the demand for this type of combatants by the institutions and organizations (eg, some organizations of the United Nations ) and the States, given the different considerations notably professionalism and efficiency with which they enjoy, and quickly mobilized to perform the tasks which required them to enter without bureaucratic and procedural measures that take a long time until the recruitment of a fighting force.
To the repercussions of the era of globalization, the greatest impact on the change in the international relations and the growing role of multinational companies; so much so that these large enterprises and integrated a major role in shaping some of the policies of certain parties at the expense of the rules and general conduct prevailing in the era of nation-state. The latter no longer control the means of production in this time is for the private sector a leading role in guiding the States and organizations if necessary, ignoring the state and its institutions against the interests of different categories. One such company that Taatbw took a leading role in guiding the interests of nation-states are those related to providing security and protection, which is an expression of the coupling between the public and private sectors; where the first for the second delegate some tasks within the scope of work to be carried out.




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