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Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

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Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs


Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

Taqrir Washington

The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) describes itself as a non-profit, non-partisan, and non-sectarian educational organization dedicated to promoting and explaining the need for strong U.S. national security and a close U.S.-Israeli strategic relationship. As an educational institution operating in Washington, DC, JINSA is able to influence politicians and policy makers on crucial defense and national security issues.


The first indication of JINSAs influential presence in the American capital comes from a glance at its board of advisors. Presently, the board includes such notable neo-conservatives as Jeane J. Kirkpatrick and Richard Perle. Kirkpatrick was a member of President Ronald Reagans cabinet and the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. She is currently a Senior Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute. Richard Perle served as Assistant Secretary of Defense under Reagan. He is currently a Resident Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute.In addition, before President Bush first took office in 2000, such powerful figures as Vice President Dick Cheney, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglass Feith, and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton served on JINSAs board of advisors. They left their positions at JINSA to join the Bush administration.

What Are JINSAs Goals?

JINSA focuses on nine major topics, which it terms major agenda items. The organization informs the defense establishment, the presidential administration, and members of Congress and the media about these agenda items. These are:

1.) Creating an American Defense Strategy for the Future JINSA works to educate policy makers and other officials about the changing requirements for an effective U.S. defense strategy;

2.) Combating Terrorism at Home and Abroad the organization focuses on the significant threats to U.S. national security that global terrorism presents. It supports changing the ways in which intelligence is collected and used to prevent further terrorist attacks;

3.) Fostering New Alliances JINSA believes that the U.S. needs to build stronger relationships with countries such as Turkey, Taiwan, Israel, and India, as well as with states in central and eastern Europe.

4.) Combating Regional Instability the organization believes that Islamic radicalism is a significant cause of instability in many regions of the world. It also identifies dangerous threats to stability in Asia and the areas of the former Soviet Union.

5.) Supporting Strategic Cooperation with Israel JINSA strongly supports cooperation between the U.S. and Israel as vital to ensuring global security. The organization believes that Israel and America share similar values and are equally concerned with the instability in the Middle East in general.

6.) Encouraging Proliferation of Ballistic Missile Technology JINSA strongly supports the development of a ballistic missile defense system to protect the U.S. and its allies from attacks.

7.) Opposing Radical Islamic Fundamentalism the organization views this fundamentalism as a source of global terrorism and sees it as a threat to moderate regimes in the region. The organization believes that this fundamentalism also threatens Israel and U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq.

8.) Monitoring Russia and the Former Soviet Republics - JINSA believes that this region of the world must be closely monitored, as Russia has moved farther away from sharing American views on such strategic issues as Iran. Also, JINSA views the region comprised of the former Soviet republics as particularly prone to civil and ethnic conflict that could threaten stability.

9.) Bolstering Israels Security Requirements the organization believes that the heart of the Israel-Palestinian conflict lies with the unwillingness of Arabs to recognize Israels legitimacy. This situation greatly increases Israels security requirements. Also, the organization believes that the matter of Israels security should be of concern to the U.S., which it should bear it in mind when selling weapons and technology to other Middle Eastern countries.

What Does JINSA do?
JINSA is best known for a program it administers called the Flag and General Officers Trip to Israel. The primary purpose of the program is to bring individuals in the American defense community to Israel, where they meet with various Israeli government and military officials. In these meetings the Americans learn about the threats Israel faces, how it handles them, and how close cooperation between the U.S. and Israel could be mutually beneficial.

JINSA selects the participants in its program based on their ability to affect policy-makers, and tries to convince them to advocate for a strong U.S.-Israeli security relationship in their capacity as opinion makers in the U.S. defense establishment.
In addition to running the Trip to Israel program, JINSA also sponsors a military academy program in which young American military cadets spend a few weeks traveling and meeting with members of the Israeli Defense Forces. They also spend a week working and living on a kibbutz.

The organization also sponsors a law enforcement exchange program, in which American police chiefs, officers, and sheriffs come to Israel and spend time with the Israeli Defense Forces. The American officers learn techniques for dealing with suicide bombers and other threats that Israel faces.

JINSA also sponsors two lecture series focusing on Middle East security and contemporary Israeli society, politics, and culture. The lectures are given to students in military academies and universities.

JINSA Publications

In addition to conducting exchange programs and sponsoring lecture series, JINSA has published several articles and research pieces. These include:

1) The Islamic Extremism Newswatch this is a project of JINSA Senior Research Fellow Zohar Neuman. It purports to track Islamic extremist activities around the world;

2) The Observer this is a quarterly publication published jointly by JINSA and the Assembly of Turkish American Associations. It reviews the tri-lateral relationship between Turkey, Israel, and the United States;

3) Profiles in Terror: A Guide to Middle Eastern Terrorist Organizations this guide, written by Aaron Mannes and published by JINSA, profiles more than 20 terrorist organizations based in the Middle East; and,

4) A Palestinian State: Implications for Security and American Policy this book is published by JINSA and consists of seven chapters written by different authors. Each chapter discusses a different aspect of the effects that the creation of a Palestinian state would cause.

Criticism of JINSA

Jason Vest, a writer for the American magazine The Nation, is among JINSAs most vocal critics. In an article he wrote in August of 2002, he claimed that JINSA is composed of a powerful group of neo-conservatives who strongly believe that Israel is Americas most important ally in the Middle East as the U.S. tries to encourage reform in the region. He also said that JINSA supports the Israeli Likud party, and supports substantial weapons and technology sales to Israel not only for that countrys protection, but also because leading figures in Americas weapons manufacturing industry have close ties with the organization and stand to profit from such sales.





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