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Letter from Israel to (Iran and Hamas) and friendst

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24-08-10, 12:30 PM

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Letter from Israel to (Iran and Hamas) and friendst


Letter from Israel to (Iran and Hamas) and friends .. But is it

Tel Aviv / reports of the task.

Told the Israeli war minister Ehud Barak, the Israeli Cabinet this morning that he chose the commander of the Gaza fighting, Yoav Galant, a candidate for the post of Army Chief of Staff reverence next - depending on what was quoted by Radio Israel Association Agreement. And put forward this appointment to the Cabinet for approval at its next meeting a week later.

He said Barak, he had consulted with the prime minister on the appointment, and met by the candidates of the five for the post of chief of staff, and expressed their appreciation for their performance in the army, and asked them to stay in the military service, even if not appointed to the post of chief of staff.

Barak also expressed his deep appreciation to the current chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, noting that he contributed greatly to strengthening the capacity of the occupation army after the Second Lebanon War.

Barak said that the process of replacing the chief of staff will regularly to ensure the military's ability to meet the challenges and threats, adding that the new army commander will have the full support and support - as he put it.

The General Galant currently serves as the so-called leader of the southern region, has been taken over in the past a series of leadership positions, and he was military secretary to former prime minister Ariel Sharon, as he took the management of the war against Gaza in late 2008, together with Barak and Ashkenazi.

And will end the mandate of the Chief of Staff Ashkenazi in the month of February next.

Report it.
Considered a military analyst for "Yediot Ahronot" that the selection of the Israeli Security Minister, Ehud Barak, commander of the southern front, Yoav Galant, the successor to Gabi Ashkenazi in command of the Army Staff, is an important message to Iran.

Wrote military analyst, Ron Ben-Yishai, said that Barak acted properly when he chose Galant to restore stability to the leadership of the army after the scandal of the forged ******** called the "******** Galant." He added that Barak was "putting out fires sparked by a few months ago when he announced the extension of the non-Ashkenazi for a fifth term."

And the selection of Gallant, Ben-Yishai wrote that the most prominent features Galant as a military preference for the option on the offensive in other military options. He tells that the Galant, follow these style - aggressive since he was an officer in the Marine Alcolmndoz and even the recent war in the Gaza Strip, and notes that the Galant was being paid to attack the Gaza Strip long before the war to topple Hamas.

Reveals that the yen Yishai Galant recommended and tried to persuade the leaders of the army and the security minister to the implementation of a broader offensive in the Gaza Strip, and that his ambition was far broader than the response to the missiles fired from the Gaza Strip, but reached the point of elimination of the rule of Hamas in Gaza. But Security Minister rejected the proposals of Gallant's "ambitious" and be ******* with a limited military plans and "more beekeeping."

The author explains that Barak decided to choose Galant because of his military offensive, saying it sends a message to Iran that Israel does not intend "to sit on their hands" until the attacking missiles, rockets and even non-conventional missile. It is estimated that if Israel were to attack the missile or rocket attack, Israel will be a rigorous and wide to thwart "This strategic threats."

He adds that the message is not only to the citizens of Israel and the army, but to Syria and Iran, Hezbollah and even the U.S. administration and European countries. He argues that the doctrine of military Galant contrary to the doctrine of Ashkenazi, and highlights the differences between them, firstly in the way decision-making and willing to risk, as it shows that the difference in the two faiths reached the point of heated debate between the two and a deterioration in the relations between them.

Shows that the doctrine of Gallant is contrary to the doctrine of Ashkenazi characterized by caution and that gave him wide popularity among the Israeli public and the U.S. administration, which was a "pilgrimage to him" to urge Israel to refrain from attacking Iran whenever Barak said that "all options on the table." However, the author believes that this will not happen in the era of Galant.
Yoav Galant: The biography of a military

Who is Yoav Galant, who announced the appointment of a successor to the Ashkenazi to assume the highest rank in the Israeli army command - Chief of General Staff of the Israeli army. Who will be number twenty-Commander of the General Staff in Israel? Which is the first who will take up this position coming from the Marine Corps to the wild.

Gallant was born in Jaffa in 1958, his parents emigrated from Europe on board the ship "Exodus" of the country, as his father's work in the Israeli army sniper and received certificates of military superiority. \

Galant in 1976 joined the ranks of the Israeli army associated with the marine commando (Hiett 13), having served as a warrior and a military officer Admiral. After comb his hair (1982) from the army moved to Alaska to work Htaba America. Returned to the ranks of the Israeli army after two years (1984) to serve as commander of a military ship fighter. In 1986 was promoted military and naval Galant and the granting of the military leadership of the maritime unit - Hiett 13 -.

The key military tasks that have received Galant leadership, the recent war in Gaza (2009) as it was the military commander in charge of this war, which claimed the lives of more than 1200 Palestinians and thousands of wounded.

Yoav Galant is one of the first military personnel who came from military service in the Marine Corps to the top military command land, were appointed in 1994 commander of the Task Force "Jenin." After this post Gallant returned to the Navy again, to spend three years of service in, and then moved permanently to the ground forces, as was promoted and appointed commander of the battalion, "Gaza," to be filled until 1999. Gallant later became commander of a reserve unit in the Israeli army, and Chairman of the Military Commission land.

In 2002 was appointed military secretary to the Galant, then Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, and in 2005, he Galant, post commander of the southern front, following the implementation plan of Ariel Sharon's unilateral disengagement from Gaza. Gallant has been applied policy of military response to Qassam rockets that fall on the south Gazan in Israel.

It is noteworthy that Galant holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration from Haifa University, cum laude, married and father of three children.

Nomination Galant to the post of Chief of General Staff of the Israeli army has raised a lot of confusion and was problematic for many of the Israeli military, who claimed his lack of experience in the military land, in addition to being close to many business people and politicians - a reference to a combination of capital and politics - while stopping row of the other Israeli military campaigning praised the many military where he served as commander and the schema. Expected to receive the reins of rule Galant helm of the General Staff in mid-February 2011, but the beginning of the next few days, will play a crucial role in the Galant, key military appointments in the army.




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