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Prey and three heads


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Prey and three heads


Prey and three heads

Did not happen in the history of the United States that chased the enemy and one for the duration of more than 17 years, and rotate to chase three heads are: Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and Barack Obama. It is known that the chase began in the campaign (February) 1993 after the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York, killing six people and a thousand wounded
Che Guevara
Some commentators have called bin Laden, Che Guevara of the Islamic, he focused his activities on the hit U.S. interests everywhere. But this comparison does not apply to the fact the evidence is that Guevara inventory activity targeting U.S. military personnel were unharmed civilians impartial. This is what made him a global icon boasts the world's young people wearing T-shirts bearing his image
Puzzle in the puzzle of his life and in death
As Osama bin Muhammad bin Awad bin Salem bin Laden, a mystery in his life, as well as turning to a conundrum in his death. Especially that the process of reprisal is implemented by President Obama, contributed to ask awkward questions about the apartment complex, which resorted to the most dangerous terrorist in history
City Abbotabad and James Abbott
The first answer is peering out of the code name of the city of Abbotabad, near Islamabad. A small town is characterized by climate, health so that British Major James Abbott - which bears his name - chosen by the year 1853 as an administrative center for the rule. From there it was Abbott simplifies the control of the Hazara district. Then developed this center to become a military base took its garrison guarding the population against the attacks of Pashtun tribesmen and Islamic extremists in the north
Ahmed Barlvy
And one of the leaders of the organization confirms the rule that his friend bin Laden, he chose this site because it represents in relation to the march of jihad, a platform of resistance to foreign colonizers. That he lived in this place the first Muslim radical came from India in 1820 led the first rebellion against the British and Sikh rulers of Punjab. Due to a betrayal of his supporters were killed Mr. Ahmed Barlvi. But his solid remained a source of inspiration and influence the political line transvestites, including Osama bin Laden and the Mujahideen of Pakistan. In addition to this symbolic reason, the reason health was a key factor in the selection of bin Laden to this remote place on the caves of Tora Bora. The most common seven years ago he was forced to enter a private hospital in a Gulf country, in order to make the process of dialysis. Has received State and hosted by the concealed secret of its existence, has secured a special treatment of calm and tranquility away from the attacks base
Academic elite
Amid towering poplars, and healthy climate, chose the Pakistani military site academic elite. Any academic, which lies a few hundred meters from the house that killed bin Laden. Because of these neighboring poses commentators questions transmitted on all the people: Does the Pakistani intelligence (ISI) was involved in the process of hiding Osama bin Laden in this compound walled, and it is a leaked report to the Director of Central Intelligence (CIA) Leon Panetta
Omar Batk arrest
In (January) the past, was arrested by Pakistani authorities in Abbotabad, team leader of a terrorist named Omar Batk Indonesians. Perhaps he was trying to visit his friend, Osama, to check his health. And Batk is accused person put a car bomb outside a shop to sell CDs in the city of Bali killing 202 people and three hundred wounded, mostly from Australia. Islamabad claimed that the age of Wuxi Patek was Tahir Shehzad, postman in the town. It seems that this employee was on prior knowledge of the existence of Osama bin Laden in the complex, and it was therefore monitors the movements of all visitors
Puzzling questions
From here, other questions arise: Is it true that Washington did not inform authorities about the date of the attack on the Pakistani hideout for bin Laden? Is it true that she was afraid the news from leaking through the Pakistani intelligence services accused of creating a Taliban garrison organization Qaeda? Is it true that Washington and Islamabad have agreed to neutralize the power of Pakistan for fear of reprisals from Islamic extremists who spread terror in the capital, Lahore, Peshawar
Law of hot pursuit
According to the law of hot pursuit approved by the United Nations during the Vietnam War, the right of any state violate its sovereignty by its neighbor, the penetration of this sovereignty to hunt down the enemy. Such action unconditional recognition of the other State for its inability to provide common security. Israel has tried to pass this item in the agreement of 17 May 1983, alleging that they have to penetrate the borders of southern Lebanon to hunt down Palestinian resistance men. And under this pre, United Mossad rule of Dubai, killing Mahmoud al. It also violated the sovereignty of Ukraine last month, and Sudan to kidnap Dirar Abu Cisse and assassinate Abdul Latif of blond Hamas
Options are summarized in the following
To return to the decision taken by Barack Obama about the timing of the assassination of Osama bin Laden, the data provided by the observers are summarized in two :options
First: the wish of the President to renew his mandate:, particularly as the rival parties of the Democratic and Republican, did not appear in the arena after the elections. In his estimation, that success in the liquidation of the leader of rule increase the chances of renewal easily.

II: is linked to the future of the uprisings of the Arab claim freedoms and disposal systems, backward and leaders past: It is noticeable that the U.S. intervention blatant in shaping the future of these uprisings may worry Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri and Saif al-Adel, which encouraged them to carry out bombing terrorist attack cafe tourist in Marrakech and claimed the lives of 16 people. It was natural that newspapers around the world remember the five near-simultaneous attacks carried out by elements of rule in Casablanca in 2003 killed 45 people and a hundred wounded, including 12 suicide bombers. Following these operations, two French clerks issued a book entitled: a blood, in anticipation of the fall of Morocco in the hands of the Islamists, if not initiated by King Mohammed VI to the adoption of strict security measures. But the U.S. administration saw the accident Marrakech argument for the beheading of encouraging Islamists in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen to abort the Arab plan for change. So I decided the Obama administration to intervene quickly
The assassination plans
The first plan: developed by the military were required to send aircraft bomber (b - 2 stealth) in order to destroy the building on Bin Laden and his family. Obama objected to this option because the blood pool was comprised of 22 people. This means that the global media Sithmh using the method of rule for the killing of innocent children.
Second plan: Use one of the teams seal. Which teams of commandos trained for emergency situations. He was director of the (CIA) to Leon Panetta, the process is a compound name war of harmful germs
Success of the process and compare the DNA.
After the success of the landing and make sure the killing of bin Laden through cameras installed on the helmet 24 is an element, called Altlqon Obama cries about elation and satisfaction. Then took one of the helicopters, the task of the body was taken out to sea to a waiting aircraft carrier USS. Carl Vinson . It is on board the ship broadcast the news of the death investigator after DNA comparison with the acid of his sister who died of cancer.
A prayer
It is on board that vessel, and distributed a picture of a wooden board it shows a black bag seems to be a heavy weight. The statement was released with that image of the U.S. military official claim that the prayer was held on Osama bin Laden, and that the body was thrown into the sea after being washed and placed in a white shroud, and then wrapped heavy weight black bag.
This protocol do not convince the body that bin Laden actually buried at the bottom of the ocean and that U.S. intelligence did not report them to the laboratory in California in order to subject them to study the anatomy and processes. Especially as the Admiral Edward Winters warned against implementing a memorandum of exceptional risk revealing secrets of the killing of bin Laden and urged them to remain silent applied. And also raised the tendency of revenge for the killing of President Obama's most dangerous man in the world is also expected Obama should not extinguish the enthusiasm of death of fundamentalists like those who carried out the September 11, 2001 that led to military intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan.




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