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Mahmoud Chit speech (1919 - 1998 AD)

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Mahmoud Chit speech (1919 - 1998 AD)


Mahmoud Chit speech (1919 - 1998 AD)

He was born in Mosul, and raised the emergence of Islamic committed, is a military man, he studied military in Iraq and Britain, participated in the war in 1948, and Tkadd several ministerial positions, and participated in the membership of the committees of several Muslim and Arab, with many of the military literature, linguistic and intellectual property.


He grew up in the family of speech engaged in trade, and is protected by a grandmother who had a major role in planting the principles of Islam in the same since a young age. He studied at workshops in mosques, Koranic schools teaching the Quran and writing and then joined the primary school, wanted to study after graduating rights, but fate led him to join the Military College in 1937, and graduated a lieutenant in the cavalry,

It is said that the commander of the secret to a few questions when he joined the group: Otcherb alcohol? Otalb gambling? Otlho with women? As the minister denied all this, he replied the commander of Confidentiality: My squadron you join the plight of Ali!.

Send a speech at the session to Britain for two years Vtm promoted to the rank of Staff of the brigade. Participated in the revolution of Rashid Ali in 1941, was arrested days Abd al-Karim Qasim and bestowed severe torture and hit him many fractures. Work in the teaching profession in the military academies in Iraq and Egypt, and it was Frasth and accurate study of the Zionist enemy, that select the day on which it intends Israel to strike a hit on June 5, 1967, and the dissemination of this expectation in the newspaper, "The Arabs", published in Baghdad on June 1, 1967 , so that the Israeli author, author of "war between the Arabs and Israel" paid tribute to the genius of Chet's speech, describing him as the biggest strategic mind in the Arab world, but there is no benefit from it.

Speech was selected as Chairman of the standardization of terminology in the Arab armies, military, and called for a unified military lexicon, the lexicon was issued in four parts, in three languages: Arabic, English and French. Also the author of "Military terminology in the Koran", has participated in the membership of many of the academies, language and Islamic institutions and took a number of ministerial portfolios, was:

Member of the Academy of Iraq.

Member of the Arabic Language Academy in Cairo.

Chairman of the Military Committee for Standardization of terminology of Arab armies in the Arab League.

A founding member of the Muslim World League in Mecca.

A member of the Supreme Council of the World mosques in Mecca.

He has held ministerial positions for several times.

He is also writes poetry, and has a good contribution, though the lice.

Visited Kuwait in late 1969 and delivered a series of lectures, including "the will to fight" and expressed his conviction that the Arab governments are not serious in the fight against Israel, and spoke about the oppression practiced against people, and the disposal of rulers in the country's resources according to their whims and impulse, and keeping their distance from the packaging of faith to soldiers, was National Patriotic songs are increased troops, and pictures of the leader, the actors and actresses and singers are disarmed, from here the defeat and the loss of the major holy sites, and the violation of privacy.
At the point of view.


Has more than one hundred and twenty books, including:

Leader Messenger (peace be upon him)

Summary of the Israeli military

The fact Israel

Studies in the Arab military unit

Israel's expansionist objectives in the Arab countries

The road to victory in the battle of revenge

Crucial days before the battle of determination and after

Between faith and leadership

Islam and Al-Nasr

The justice of heaven

Measures much

Join Army of the Prophet peace be upon him

Lessons military Biography of the Prophet

Great Battle of Badr

Arab-Islamic military

Military terminology in the Holy Quran

Friendly commander

Faruq, leader

Amr ibn al-Aas

Khaled Bin Al Waleed Makhzoumi

Fatah leaders of the Arab Maghreb

Fatah leaders Egypt

Fighting in Islam

Army of the Prophet peace be upon him

The Zionist enemy and the sophisticated weapons

Zionist perception of the fragmentation of sectarian

Individual training at night

Management issues in the field

Definition of terms and standardization of military

Consolidated military complex

Shura in the charters and treaties of the Prophet

Flashes of light Mustafa

Leaders of the island open

Fatah leaders Fares

The will to fight in the Islamic Jihad

Shura military prophetic

Leaders of the Prophet peace be upon him

Fatah leaders of Sindh and Afghanistan

Leaders of the Islamic conquest in the country beyond the river

Leaders of the Islamic conquest in the land of Armenia

Ambassadors of the Prophet peace be upon him

Obstacle ibn Nafi Fihri

Fatah leaders of the Levant

Leaders of the Roman conquest of the

Fatah leaders Andalusia

Military message to the mosque

Lessons in secret

Reasons for the victory of the Prophet leader, peace be upon him

Counseling for war

Sgt forthcoming

Promised Day

Previously spiritual

Nfhat spiritual

Embassies of the Prophet

Secrets of World War II

Proverbs military in the book "Complex of Proverbs,"

Importance of standardizing the military terms.

It has a large number of research and articles published in most newspapers and magazines and the Arab and Islamic countries
Excerpts from his hair

Said in a eulogy grandmother:

Strain Fastrihi yourself a little bit ...
Abik has been heavy in life

I got you ... even if the world's misfortunes
Landed on Mount Kher Mhila

Despair to the men found him ...
Here's despair did not find a way

Everyone in the Lord and His Highness the effective ...
Taller and have created the *****alent of a generation

The battle of Jenin, said after his troops to recover the city of Jenin, the Zionists, and before the departure of troops to Iraq after the truce:

Rave graves immortals who had spent ...
Martyrs to save Aloutana

Dedicated Tserbloa graves ...
And traitors Tsnamwa Abanniana

Not Tazloa Army of Iraq and its people ...
Blwakm not only Blwana

Oh dear country Ojnin Tjlde ...
What lost the right Dharjtah Dmana

Of his statements

"When I went to study at the Military College in London, he asked Dean: Why is the?

I said: to renew my knowledge of military, and to receive any new in science.

Following Brigadier General Ali myself: it has to learn to flirt with girls.

Vkzmt my fury and I said to myself: If this does not throw words at random, but judging by what he saw in Suai.
When I went to the house allotted to me, I found a bed and a girl was working to arrange my bedroom, I waited in the lobby without Oaerha attention, even if you ask me out:

Do you have instructions?

I said: One thing is that Thoudri for the task while I'm not there. "

He adds and says:

"After graduating officers in 1937, it was tradition that the army Feast feast for the new officers, and saw the concert with my colleagues, the battalion commander came, filling a glass of wine, and told me to start my drink alcohol, and the conference itself has winding night, and the sky shines the stars, was the battalion commander holds the rank of colonel on his shoulders his military rank which calculates the twelve stars star, I said to him:

I obey your commands in the military, and obey God's orders, there is no obedience to any creature in disobedience to the Creator, you carry on your shoulders twelve star, look to the sky to see how God take the stars.

Amazed at the leader and chanted: Heaven ..
The sky ..
Stars in the sky!

He went angry regret, and I felt that my position is not Massaolp between me and the leader, but a match between the will of human beings, and between the will of God the Creator of human beings. "

He says: "The call adopted by missionaries and colonial agents and lackeys in the removal of the Islamic religion from life, a suspicious call, its expulsion of Arabs from the moral point of Arabs in their body and the spirit of Islam, and the survival of the body without a soul.

The formidable forces working to destroy this generation, and fragmentation of its Previously limited to external enemy, but today I found her foundations, countless at home and link the future of this generation up and down the extent of its commitment to the guidance of Islam, or for his objection.

The Muslim world today is in dire need of leaders Kkhald, Muthanna, and others but their need for scientists working on and more.

There is a crisis of confidence between the old and young people ..
This is due to the loss of a good example in most of who are in the Senate and think that all they have to improve their view is that the beautiful surface, even if their personal behavior is far from being what they called him. "


The Brigade Staff Mahmoud Khattab Majid's position in the defense of the Arabic language, and the fight against the call for the vernacular language spoken, and hair and hair free is the weighted ÇáãÞÝí of the pillars of the Arabic language, also fought the call to write Arabic in Latin characters, and welcomed the scientific aspect of Western civilization, and he rejected what else of the principles and ethics, customs and behavior of the Western descended to the bottom in sexual relations, pornography and other physical principles and its impact on man's humanity and spirit and behavior.
Zionism has been demonized by his enemies, and the focus of his thinking and his concerns, and he thought that the cure is the Jihad, but Israel does not understand the language of power, a way for the Liberation of Palestine, and Israel to crush racism.

And that Islam is the solution to other issues of political, economic, military and social development of the Islamic nation, and we made us proud nation of God in Islam: If we honor God, Allah sent humiliation to other, and that the unit and as much stronger than humans, and they should work to the Unit for pride and glory, and for the elimination of Israel.

They said

Dr. Yousef Ibrahim Salloum:

"I visited the military hospital in Riyadh in 1410 AH before and after the operation he underwent in the heart, and touched him moral courage and strong faith, and the extent of satisfaction, and patience in suffering, with his age, though his bag was not without some new titles to him, and prefer to thank him for some Bihdaii copies of them, he was talking with visitors in high spirits, Vazddt obsessed with it, and try to learn more about his life and his life, and I was following what comes out of his books and books and research articles, and find the designated me in my life to establish the military science and military culture to become a teacher exceptional. "

Says writer Abdullah Tantawi:

"Long live General address of the bloodiest era explosive time, had a large share of Iraq from the fire, picks after the sacrifice of Palestine and the General century AD saw the speech on the disaster and tragedy that invaded Iraq and Arab and Islamic peoples, was the birth of Israel, then saw the defeat of the Arab regimes in the war in June year in 1967.

Mahmoud lived Shit speech of his time and everything in it and earned it a lot and when Aah his heart, mind, intelligence, and contributed to extinguish some fires. "


At a ceremony honoring the poet and made a Waleed Al Adhami this poem:

Today I sing in honor "Mahmoud" poetry expresses the love and praise

I sing to him between the people of virtue beaming and delighted I am at a wedding in Eid

This pleasure never had, for so Okabd than who they are and Tsuhad

Client concerns of the people I bring with me, read or well-broken


On the morning of the thirteenth day of the month of December, 1998 letter, Major General was sitting on a chair under the stairway of an old house, and his daughter were deposited before you leave home to the University, asked her to sit beside him to read Soorat Yaa I sat and made his wife and daughter sat down and read Surah Yassin, and he read them, causing intense drought in the throat after you finish reading the Sura, he asked his wife to come to him with a cup of drink, and ran to the kitchen, a wife heard her husband say: I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God.
And repeated several times and then fell silent, and his daughter looked at him with a certificate and the right frequency, I hastened to his wife to see him Kalnaim, have the safest Spirit maker is.
Allah's mercy have mercy on him in difficult circumstances with the saints and martyrs and the righteous and those good companion, and pray to God about Islam and Muslims all the best.




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