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Blue Yasmina

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Blue Yasmina


Yasmina blue.

Iran announced the arrest of a spy for the thirtieth of America in Iran, university and army personnel.

According to the site, "Failaka," Israel, the Iranians took these spies based on information from the Syrian intelligence that penetrated the process of the Atlantic in Syria.

Was confirmed by Congressman James A. Waxman real reason that led Europe to punish the Syrian security officials, noting that Syria is paying the price for Tgeraha the efforts of NATO and Israel in the fight against terrorism.

What is the story of courage on the Atlantic Syria and Israel?

Question answered by an expert on intelligence who worked in the Middle East and Syria in particular for years, and he knows a lot of things Khvaya by its previous positions that still allows him access to the most secret files in the world of security and U.S. policy, European and Arab.

Security expert, the U.S. claimed in an exclusive interview that what happened to the adoption of a European sanctions on the Syrian security officials under the pre**** of exercising repression against demonstrators is not only a hanger that he wanted the Europeans which coverage they receive to strike security blow addressed to them by Gen. Ali owned and Colonel Hafez Makhlouf.

What is in the details?:

"Operation Blue Yasmina"

Tells the security expert, the U.S., belongs now to those who know in America, "arabesque" experts in Arab affairs the story of the "Yasmina blue", joined by all the intelligence services of NATO, which aimed to influence the political decision in Syria through the penetrating state's civil and military, and through work security on the delivery figures pro-Western sites authoritarian able through intelligence Atlantic control the reins of power in Syria when the moment is right - the collapse of the system - has continued that process since the end of the year 1999 to the first of last April, where he disappeared seventeen people - a key security - who are called in the intelligence world to "field officers" or the "twin security" and is usually associated with these stations intelligence officers living in Damascus under the guise of the European embassies.

The key to security is the only eighteenth, who survived arrest apparently for the simple reason is because his stay in Dubai, not in Damascus. And the central figure in a process called "Yasmina blue" Ayman Abdel Nour, a civil engineer Syrian worked Israeli intelligence to attract in the year 2005, but found that the Americans would suit him were reviewed, and Israeli and U.S. intelligence in the investment of the man until him practically to the process the intelligence of the great Atlantic in Syria, a process that Israel was a key partner by the Mossad.

U.S. says security expert says:

After losing contact with keys security seven centuries, Europeans decided to freeze the process by issuing a command to the cells of security deployed in Syria to leave the country and escape, but the command sent by the Atlantic were answered by the communication devices developed was owned by customers Syrians intelligence Atlantic a few words: "The operation ended with the greetings of the Syrian General Intelligence. "

The networks were mostly has become, in prison, which has been built since 1999 and was activated significantly in 2005 after the accession of Ayman Abdel Nour to the process coordinator mainly between intelligence Atlantic and Syrian agents of a high level, he succeeded Ayman Abdel Nour in the recruitment including owned specifications personality, is the biography of a well, and the Baathist agent and active, he served in the ranks of the ruling Baath Party in Syria since 1989, when he was a student at the University - Faculty of Engineering in Damascus (has worked hard to attend all meetings of the cell-party working in the Damascus area second in the band party in the Kassaa Christianity in the middle of the Syrian capital) has become the man with the support of Western embassies in Damascus to a senior official in the World Health Organization - Office of Damascus, and was for four consecutive years, a member of a certain not elected in the municipality of the Syrian capital, and was for a period of close to security officer, mainly in Syria and then relaxed, I think he is above suspicion, while the Syrian intelligence, General Ali Al-owned specifically manipulated by someone who plays with a football.

He was named Ayman Abdel Nour has shifted with time and with Western support is always to "economic expert" even though he holds a degree in civil engineering, but to cover up his new career got a diploma in the specialization of different, and taking uses his experiences (the alleged security purposes), the European Union, After entry into the new media (electronic) received Ayman Abdel Nour courses in high security work, recruitment, intelligence gathering and command of security operations on the ground in Damascus and Cairo and in London, Lisbon and Paris.

Arrived Madrboh with the delegation of talk show Americans visited Damascus in the years 2003 and 2004, a delegation headed by U.S. Representative Christopher Cox, also received Ayman Abdel Nour training intelligence leadership, and mobilization in Cairo in an apartment owned by the CIA, there was an argument he traveled there in 2007 is to train Syrian journalists to cover the presidential election, In London, the man also had a very complex courses not offered by the CIA only to the deans and the generals.

In Paris and Barcelona had a man trained by experts Atlantic security enable him to lead the operations room political - security, where it was supposed to coordinate Ayman Abdel Nour of the coup against Bashar al-Assad during his participation in a government of national salvation to replace the Baath Party government in his capacity as Vice-President Minister and Minister of Oil (has for years been coordinating with all of the close of Khaddam and Rifaat Al-Assad).

Has increased the importance of Ayman Abdel Nour, the security of care given by them Mohammed bin Zayed, Deputy Ruler of Abu Dhabi, which is made from Ayman Abdel Nour, a key financially to enter the world of the Syrian opposition secret at home, where he Abdel Nour years ago funding of hundreds of Syrian officials in the television In the body of the Syrian Press under the pre**** of its electronic correspondence.

And Ayman Abdel Nour also clients in key ministries working with him on the pre**** he was looking for a citizen of corruption in the Syrian state to expose him, and it was alleged that he wanted them to provide ********s published by the requirement to have the original ********s from their ministries.

Is Ayman Abdel Nour, an agent of the Atlantic and the Israelis and Americans together? ..

U.S. security expert says:

Is the agent of the Americans working with the Israelis and with the consent of the Atlantic the Americans.

What is the relationship of Ayman Abdel Nour sanctions against Syrian officials? ..

U.S. security expert answers:

Ayman Abdel Nour, according to experts, Americans and Europeans in the analysis of data security is the episode that the income from which Major-General Ali owned the process, "Yasmina Blue" was able to Gen. owned by monitoring the movement of communication and follow-up clients Ayman Abdel Nour in Syria - for many years up to six years - was able to learn and the discovery and arrest of a large number of cells intelligence of the Atlantic and Israel in Syria, The number of detainees, dozens - of whom twenty-five Mossad agent only - has carried out important parts of the process, security countermeasures for the "Yasmina blue" Colonel Syrian "Hafez Makhlouf "One more security officers working in the General Intelligence Service (which is headed by Ali-owned) the effectiveness and professionalism, and the Germans are like the accuracy of Hafez Makhlouf security accurately time the Swiss, he is and immediately upon receipt of the functions of follow-up process Yasmina Blue Brigade, owned at the beginning of the year 2006 (after years of penetration Major General Ali owned by that process in some joints) develop Makhlouf roadmap for suspects in dealing with intelligence Atlantic and the Mossad, and at the start of popular movements in recent Syria, began the process of Syria's anti-ended in the arrest of all members of the network cells Atlantic collaborating with the Mossad and the process collapsed, "Yasmina blue" fully, and did not run away from the Syrian spies involved in only three arrived in Lebanon and the fourth, Ayman Abdel Nour, a resident of Dubai.

Ayman Almtmaki had been penetrated by the men-owned, where the DDS has Gen. Damascene originally a number of double agents and the summit of craft Syrian intelligence world that General Ali Al-owned process camouflage led to the conviction of the Atlantic that Ayman Abdel Nour did not lose the confidential work with them even after the his escape from Syria to Dubai.

What are the objectives of the process, "Yasmina blue"? ..

U.S. security expert answers:

Overthrow the regime and ensure that the situation in Syria at a time of turmoil to the situation where the alternative which for Bashar al-Assad is ready from within Syrian society accepted at the European and Western, so take that process to ensure the transfer of power to the allies of the West not to hostile to him, people involved in some kind of power the former Baathist, and also have a very strong relationship and close the Europeans, if not the Americans directly.

The spies working in the western part of the process, "Yasmina blue" like Ayman Abdel Nour worked to lead the process from inside and outside Syria to defame President Bashar al-Assad and his family.

It is the processes that led members worked in the process of "Yasmina blue" under the leadership of the intelligence of the NATO inciting the masses to Assad to blind him popularity among Syrians, who differentiate normally between their hatred of the Baathist regime and the respect and love many of them Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who was Alotalcin know that popular can be dropped but do not eat close to him Boquaouil media.

Therefore been assigned a number of characters the client of the Atlantic in Syria and outside of working in the media, the work of those on the launch of a wider process of distortion of information for each of the president's brother, General Maher al-Assad (which reveals media reports broadcast by Western news agencies and the private "Reuters" and the "AFP "and" Ubi "in Jordan and Beirut, claiming to be from Damascus, which emphasized that all the repression led by" General Maher Assad, "and his cousin Colonel Hafez Makhlouf).

It is targeted security operations in media similar to those targeted "Maher al-Assad" and "Hafez Makhlouf," The participants in the process of "Yasmina blue", led by Ayman Abdel Nour, who also published dozens of written reports and video dealt with a civil engineer is another Rami Makhlouf.

The media of Western and Arab allies of the Americans managed to harp on relatives of the Syrian president with the sole aim is to reduce the popularity of President Bashar al-Assad to a minimum among the citizens, Admitting popular that Makhlouf corrupt and that General Maher Assad repressive and that Colonel Hafez Makhlouf persecute the prisoners and the dissemination of stories and fake on the operations of torture carried out by the General-owned, which is being handled regularly, many of the media clients of Israel (including the insane and mentally His imagination wide Nayouf who invented every day a story about a brigade-owned in order to discredit him) all the allegations were aimed at undermining the popularity of President Bashar al-Assad personally .

And not exposure to the relatives of the Syrian president (his brother and the sons of his uncle) and his closest (Gen. owned), but a way to reduce the popularity of President Assad.

On the reason for the length of the duration of the process, "Yasmina blue," says U.S. security expert:

It's a strategy similar to the overthrow of the Soviet Union and shared. Building networks of high-capacity and efficiency of the major political obliged lot of time. For example, the choice of discerning people to work in such operations should be a high precision in order to ensure the ability of the spy on the career, social and political (Yeltsin was recruited when he was an official city in the Communist Party has arrived on its own to the post of Secretary General of the Communist Party of the Russian enabled the Americans to use over-the Soviet Union, have been recruited since the process took in the sixties to the eighties to his arrival in those higher positions about twenty-five years).

The source adds the U.S. Trusted:

For example, a model Ayman Abdel Nour is a lesson for such complex operations, the man has the specifications of leadership hides behind the refinement of very personal and friendly and Khaloukh, but from a security point man difficult tasks, so that his compulsory military service was in the ranks of the General Intelligence Syrian, which is not known Many, the choice Americans intelligence Ayman Abdelnour, as a leading in the process was already under way, meaning that personal characteristics is very large, and this does not mean that upgrading socially was a coincidence, His work with the European Union, and the media spotlight that grabbed him on the satellite channels, especially the pro-Western Arab, all of which have been carefully arranged to raise the level of social, political and media have, in order to maximize the benefit from the security intelligence.

If there is no reason for European sanctions on the Syrian officials the greatest of the reason the security .. Imagine the size of the European embarrassment - the U.S. if the Syrians out confessions of some of the leaders of the Yasmina blue to the international media?? Now, after the imposition of sanctions, the Europeans can now view the Syrians to negotiate a solution:

Advinoa Nngium news operation of the International Criminal Court.

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