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su 22 m3
The upgraded supersonic fighter-bomber Su-22M3 is designed for destruction of ground and surface naval targets in daytime and at night under favourable and adverse weather conditions, as well as for air combat and comprehensive reconnaissance missions

An RF Government resolution granted Sukhoi the right to offer independent aftersales maintenance of Su marque military aircraft, including supply of spare parts and maintenance and repairs.
Sukhoi Company (JSC) is expanding its contacts with the Air Forces of countries which operate Su-22, Su-24, Su-25, Su-27 and Su-30 types of aircraft. According to estimates by analysts, the potential services and spare parts market for Su marque aircraft is in excess of $100m a year. The 2015 aftersales services portfolio will account for approximately 10% of the company's total


Kits for upgrading, re-introduction into service and extension of operating life.
The scope of logistics:
- research the market for logistical support of the aircraft supplied to Customers;
- arrange and coordinate measures to improve the system.
Logistics support for the aircraft supplied:
- plan and arrange deliveries of spares and other items for upgrading, re-introduction into service and extension of operating life;
- manage fast processing of orders and deliveries;
- arrange storage, release and deliveries of spares and other items;
- develop, introduce and upgrade logistics IT systems;
- arrange interfacing of Logistics Department with Company's business units, third-party OEM manufacturers, suppliers and vendors.

Supply of spare parts, equipment, tools and consumables

Modern practices of arranging deliveries of spare parts are based on IT support of logistics, operation and maintenance of aircraft, management of orders and deliveries.

The process takes advantage of an IT system comprising the following categories: Aircraft Complete Delivery Package, Accessories, Customers, Orders, Proformas, Forms, Warehouse. The system enables aircraft delivery configuration data input, editing and tree-structured visualisation in a system - subsystem - unit pattern down to any nesting depth. Any article of interest is accessible, with its datasheet, picture, onboard location, and origin information made available online. It is possible to fill in an order form and a proforma ******** online, as well as generate a variety of reports, including in MS Office formats.
The system has expansion functionality. It provides the following functions: online form, maintenance programme, optimisation of warehouse inventory, and others.

Emergency and scheduled maintenance logistics support

Sukhoi is currently developing a Web-based system for IT support of maintenance-oriented logistics. Using state-of-the-art software tools, we are developing logistics procedures for aircraft emergency and scheduled maintenance at depots, repair facilities, flight-test centres, etc.

Aircraft upgrading programmes

Upgrading is aimed at improving aircraft combat capabilities, accuracy of munitions, operational and maintenance characteristics, and safety and reliability, reducing costs and introducing and deploying new types of weapons.
Upgrading is possible for Su-22, Su-24(M), Su-25, Su-27 and Su-30 aircraft already supplied or being supplied at present.

Upgrading can be generic or customised, based on Customers requests, including installation of Western-made equipment.
Joint testing of upgraded aeroplanes can be arranged either in the RF or on site.

OMP updating for subsequent operation

Creation of a single operational database, a developed IT network for Customers operating and repair arms, a flexible system for requisitioning, delivering and storing supplies. IT system integration of future basic components of the comprehensive logistics support system for aircraft operation:
- online versions of Maintenance Programme and Guidelines,
- online catalogue of airframe component parts, assemblies and systems,
- tutorials,
- aircraft online form,
- logistics planning software packages,
- diagnostic software,
- supply and maintenance support planning software,
- reliability assurance software.

Development of upgrading proposals
[IMG]http://www.sukhoi.org/img/*******/logistika/logistika_img_5.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.sukhoi.org/img/*******/logistika/logistika_img_6.jpg[/IMG]

To ensure customer satisfaction, the Su aircraft series upgrading programme provides for full incorporation of requests of foreign Customers, first of all aircraft users. Each aircraft type can be upgraded under any of three programmes available to maximum, optimal, and minimum extent.
The information is presented in the form of attractive booklets, which are extensively used in promotion.

Component repairs
[IMG]http://www.sukhoi.org/img/*******/logistika/logistika_img_7.jpg[/IMG]To arrange for repairs of component parts, Sukhoi will evaluate the needs of the repair facility regarding necessary equipment, ********ation and qualifications of the technical personnel. Sukhoi will produce technical and business proposals for repairs of component parts in Russia and/or on site. Sukhoi will develop a plan and schedule for repairs (general, light, as required, etc). Sukhoi will compile a list of additional equipment needed to implement the Repairs Plan based on the facility's retrofitting requirements. Sukhoi will compile lists of component parts required for modification.

Repairs Plan optimization
[IMG]http://www.sukhoi.org/img/*******/logistika/logistika_img_8.jpg[/IMG]To optimise the Repairs Plan it is necessary to:
− compile lists of the design problem areas to be targeted during inspections.
− develop a Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Procedure.
− draw up a list of diagnostic and trouble-shooting tools required to implement the Repairs Plan.
− develop an online reference database for airframe diagnostics.

Optimise the repair replacements list
[IMG]http://www.sukhoi.org/img/*******/logistika/logistika_img_9.jpg[/IMG]Based on the testing results and field experience in operating aircraft of specific type, Sukhoi will produce:
- lists of prescribed tasks and replacements during repairs,
- lists of specific tasks and modifications,
- lists of materiel required for specific tasks and modifications,
- Chief Designer Technical Requirements (CDTR).

Development of life expectancy datasheet
[IMG]http://www.sukhoi.org/img/*******/logistika/logistika_img_10.jpg[/IMG]In the course of aircraft operation or repairs, following a Customer's request, Sukhoi will produce life expectancy datasheets based on research into aircraft field performance and operational environment and onboard equipment reliability. The datasheet will give an updated list of units with limited life, specify the scope and frequency of diagnostic and visual inspection checks, as well as provide a list of modifications to be introduced into the design.

Development of aircraft diagnostics procedures
[IMG]http://www.sukhoi.org/img/*******/logistika/logistika_img_11.jpg[/IMG] Based on research into test results, field experience and aircraft operating environment and onboard equipment reliability, Sukhoi will compile lists of the design and equipment problem areas to be targeted during diagnostics and visual inspection checks. It will produce a list of diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. It will develop or upgrade the diagnostic and troubleshooting procedures.


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