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24-08-10 12:57 PM

Venice and non-commissioned officers
Venice and non-commissioned officers

Khalid bin Saad Subaie

The functionality of non-commissioned officer of the posts that have appeared recently which has had a major role in the world of leadership and management, particularly in the military sphere, where is the military and their fields are the actual test to refine the leadership and the production of inspirational leaders and savvy and this is a post channel leadership in support of the role of commanders and officers, it would be difficult predict by something and understand its role and usefulness as long as we do not know the circumstances of tactical and combat that befell the birth of that function, especially if the site of these conditions in Europe and the theaters of hostilities in the seventeenth century, where the beginnings of the first to enter the gun as a weapon of combat mission was the transfer of military force, critical care Mounted to the custody of the pedestrians, and was a test and faced a difficult task and a lot of technical obstacles and tactical and administrative.

The function of non-commissioned officers are not peace administratively to the soldiers to improve their administrative and convince them physically to career advancement, but beyond that, when entered into the Venice of war for the first time were rejected moral, psychological and shot ugliest curses as a weapon would enable the fighter at least the courage to launch fire and ****ls from a distance, and Irda fighter most courageous people, and the battlefields filled with ambiance Bohaseg war that glorifies the sword and spear and arrows and horsemen, and the curse of Venice and their expected impacts, so viewed the European fighter when it was launched in the fighting.

It was the use of the first gun is from a standing position, and are prepared for the shooting put gunpowder and bullet from the barrel of the barrel, and takes this process (3 5) minutes, all of which are within the range considered liabilities corresponding to them, where long time did not exceed (60) meters at the latest an effective range of the gun in many cases at all.

Based on this method in the shooting, he built a discount style to choose the moment of attack, especially as the group throwing guns aimed at without having to have complete control only by specifying the time when the firing, it shall enter discount carefully monitored range shooters, to waiting for her opportunity and to exploit the vulnerability, which will remain the guns, mostly in the case of reconstruction, where jumping from their position outside the range of guns and raiding throwing guns were killed with machetes and arrows, spears, leading to a protection force for throwing guns under the name of (campaign spears), mission inherent in throwing guns and protection.

This solution was not practical nor feasible, especially when the gun became available at discount, and created the leaders horsemen carrying rifles short raid on throwing guns during their preoccupation with reconstruction.

In the face of this controversy and Altktekeyat, tactics counter, pushed the desire to keep the ability of leaders to sustain the feeding battle fire to develop a method that combines management, leadership, tactics, and turned the set-throwing guns

The ranks of reach by the skill of soldiers in reconstruction and speed to (3, 4 or 5 rows) is the vision of the commander, and cost more soldiers skill to lead the commander of the row that belongs to him, when the class first firing is due back for reconstruction, and to enable the row that followed of the shooting, and thus get a leader to sustain continuous Balrmip towards its objectives in the battle; stopping the cavalry and hampered their plans for the raid on throwing guns, where they were shortening the time for that gap to less than a minute and tricks the riders and their goal, and this was marked the end of the role of cavalry as a weapon to resolve the President sat on display throughout the martial arts (1000) almost a year.

In fact, the cavalry had begun to lose its role with the emergence of shooting bows heavy GATT Mounted initially to wear heavy armor, which hampered the work of the cavalry and deprived them of flexibility and agility, but that the entry of the gun had been crucial in the exclusion of the shadow of that role altogether.

Become a skill critical for fighters is the speed in the reconstruction of Venice; intensity is throwing vested skill fighter at the speed of reconstruction, and then the ability of the leader to put the rows appropriate control commands shooting, according to density needed to sustain the battle fire, and prevent any capacity for the discount on the penetration, as was the penetration means free place or front of sufficient capacity to sustain the fire, are impenetrable to gain access to shooters and extermination of the emergence of their President in the battle.

With the rehabilitation of this skill began the role of campaign spears to protect the shooters guns lose their relevance, were canceled groups campaign spears, especially in the conditions of manufacturing capabilities that have evolved making more guns, where it was transferred the task of protection of a campaign spears to throwing guns themselves, and by modifying the engineering was done eradication of the upper part of the spear named lance and install the next barreled rifle, where he became the impact of technical art of arms supportive and clear in influencing the methods of military doctrine in the fighting, and became able to Rami gun to protect himself during the reconstruction, because the gun usable Krmoh rifle at the same time .

I was born and function of non-commissioned officer mating is necessary between the scene of the battle and Venice, which confirms the role of technology and weapons in its complexity and the need to develop technical leadership support channel named non-commissioned officers. The job was commissioned officers that have emerged from the throes of battle Tktekeyat first gun is the legitimate son of that relationship and to support in the perpetuation of the battle fire.

Later, it was Hlzenp barrel, increasing range shooting by (70?) Of the ranges first, and increased the size of the fight due to increase the range and the front and rear, and contributed to the severity of the adventure would be, Mounted for sweep of the throwing guns, and advanced infantry to head martial arts with the support of the commander and noncommissioned officers who become their role in military life, essential and effective.

And shortly thereafter, the development of the gun to be reconstruction of the circumstances (the bottom of the barrel) instead of reconstruction from the mouth of the barrel, and became a fighter can be extended next to his rifle and re-reconstruction of exploiting the environment and deception to reconstruction and exercise the process of shooting from a position of extension, increasing the space estimates and assumptions in the methods of implementation of the fighting and maneuver tactics local fancy highlighted the soldiers, noncommissioned officers and commanders at the tactical level.

The process of transfer reconstruction of Venice from a standing position and the nozzle barrel to position envelope bottom of the barrel have contributed to expand the scope of deception and tactics with respect to use of the gun, which can no longer discount to verify that the proposal in the development of reconstruction, increasing this room for maneuver, which would host the fighter and in accordance with the extent of Venice and the area of deception, which the author uses, in addition to the time it takes to launch and capabilities of adversaries, where they were to reduce the time spent on reconstruction, and became a deception within the methods of use of the discount, where intentionally discount to deceive Rami Venice him the illusion, he put his hat on the tip of a stick, clean Rami Venice that certain goals, once firing a shot and the time it takes for their preparation may Daa vain, starts opponent within the time for reconstruction of obtaining some kind of equal strength to get rid of the Rami of Venice, which, in the light of the limited time someone who does not exhibit only a stick in his hands.

This was among the tactics of individual combat that accompanied the use of the gun, but that the transfer of the task of making and the preparation of ammunition from the responsibility of the work to local manufacturers spent on the tactic of the individual decisively, just as the ammunition and bullets preset is a pointer to a new development in the battle supported the expectations that are likely to increase dead at the increased consumption of ammunition, and became head of the infantry Martial Arts foregone conclusion. In later helped develop methods of manufacture and the preparation of ammunition to give strategic dimension for Management and its impact on the war and resolved, as demonstrated by the sequence of events which was reflected most clearly in the First World War the first war to become the administration is the final resolution of the battles and wars.

Under these circumstances, the administrative, logistical, technical accompanied and followed the use of the gun in the war, and the expansion of field mobilization to the level of faction and confidentiality necessary to reconsider the planning and implementation phases at these levels analysis article of command to Rknyha Presidents: Leadership sensual, and effective control, Vtm keep sensory leadership with the leaders of officers and transfer of effective control to the custody of non-commissioned officers

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